Glenwood Springs – Mitchell Creek Electric Transmission Line Rebuild

Current and Planned Work on the Project

Second Quarter 2024 Update

Permit approvals

In January 2024, the City of Glenwood Springs approved a Location and Extent permit application and a 1041 permit application for the project, and Garfield County approved a Location and Extent permit for the project. Additional land use permitting with Garfield County is anticipated to be complete in April 2024

Start of Construction

Project construction will begin in April 2024, and will last approximately four to six months.

Throughout the rebuild process, we will:

  • Engage landowners and the surrounding community to provide details about the planned rebuild and address questions or concerns.
  • Clear vegetation along access routes and within transmission line right-of-way.
  • Determine pole locations and finalize pole design.
  • Identify construction and maintenance access routes.
  • Install new transmission line poles and conductor wires.
  • Remove 38 existing poles and the conductor wires connecting them.
  • Test and energize the rebuilt transmission line.
Winter 2021 (Complete)Construction material delivery
Spring 2024Permanent improvements
Spring 2024Vegetation management
Spring 2024/Summer 2024Construction of transmission poles
Spring 2024/Summer 2024Removal of existing poles
Summer 2024In service
Summer 2024/Fall 2024Restoration